T H E . R E S T . O F . T H E . Y E A R

PHOTO © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2015

the idea of sharing my favourite instagram photograph every week didn't quite make the entire year but i did make it past the half way point. here are the last twenty weeks of two thousand and fifteen. the crazy thing is in july, i changed up my life by cutting back to four days a week in my full time employment - meaning a three day weekend. i had thought that this extra day would be entirely productive, but who was i kidding!! it was simply another day to enjoy life and do whatever i pleased while i still can...

i'd like to think that this year i'll be more present on this blog, but you always need to be very careful when making  these kind of sweeping statements. its like those who say they are going to start exercising. they go out and purchase all the latest activewear, attend five days straight of spin class and then their activewear is worn only as comfortable [?] everyday clothes. i won't make any grand statements, i know myself better than that!

wishing you all a happy TWENTY SIXTEEN, looking forward to sharing a little more with you this year X

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