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state (stat) n. condition of person or thing; place or situation; temporary aspect of affairs; v.t. to set forth; to express in words; to specify.  joy (joi) n. gladness; exhilarartion of spirits; v.i. to rejoice; to exult.

while holidaying in thailand in january 2011 a friend suggested to me, christine mcdonald, that i should think about doing a blog as a way to further express my creative side, launch products, show my photography and to basically put my design ideas out there...

after the initial fear of "putting myself out there" and the doubt of would anyone actually be interested in reading a blog written by me; a senior designer of ten years for designer rugs, a fan of typography, someone who has a small penchant for the union jack, lover of interior design + architecture, a budding photographer, beach lover, red wine drinking individual... i thought "why not!!".

state of joy is about bringing together images, thoughts, design and people, to inspire, to create, live by, laugh with or simply bring joy... 

i love hearing from you, so please feel free to email me, "like", share and comment on my blog and facebook page. the feedback and encouragement has been over whelming. i hope that the readers continue to grow and all those who have read state of joy since day one continue to enjoy my posts... x  


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